Inspired Contemporary Jewelry 

Valley Girl Days

Posted on May 15, 2014 by JIll Pearson

Here is a perfect photo for throwback Thursday and the beginning of the Wasabi story. 

That's me on the right with my sister, Karen and our friend, Jackie Gitmed. Yes! Those are earrings! (and one random keychain) Jackie's mom drove us all the way from the Valley to Berger Beads to set us up with a weekend project. We made the jewelry, the board, the letters that spell "ALL HANDMADE" and went door-to-door in Jackie's neighborhood! Jackie swears that her next-door-neighbor bought a pair because she felt sorry for us but all I remember was some lady asking us if the earwires were surgical steel and since we didn't know so she said "Sorry!" So much for supporting the young entrepreneurial spirit! 

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